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Information on Credentials

 What is a Master Dental Technician - MDT 

A master dental technician has been through an extensive course of study provided by the American Society of Master Dental Technologists and recognized by the National Board for Certification in Dental Technology. This course is compromised of 150 classroom hours, 120 hours in the home laboratory along with a significant amount home study. It concludes with a three part exam. In order to attain a master dental technologist certificate one must pass a written exam, complete a full mouth wax up to course standards and be examined orally on the continent of the program. The emphasis of this learning experience is to teach experienced technicians anatomy and physiology of the Stomatognathic system, to introduce occlusion and occlusal theory and to practice putting this information to use. Along the way participants are imparted much information including exposure to terms and procedures of which they are not typically exposed to. Students of this program are taught how the system works and how the clinician may obtain the necessary information from the patient. They then can fully understand how to utilize this information in the laboratory. When a student completes this program they have learned much, but leave with more questions than they arrived with. They now realize that there are answers out there, and they have learned how to find them. The graduates are more prepared to continue their professional development in advanced courses. They have the background needed to attend programs such as Dawson, Kois , LVI ect. The master dental technologist program is a career changing experience for all that have completed it. Dentists working with MDTs attest to the positive affects this affiliation brings to there daily practice of dentistry. Dialogue between technician and clinician is on a higher level and fosters a significantly improved team relationship. All of this is truly beneficial to the entire dental team. For further information please visit the American Society of Master Dental Technologists’ web site at www.ASMDT. com


Information on Certified Dental Technician CDT


The CDT designation is a great achievement and demonstrates a significant mastery of the knowledge and applied skills needed in dental technology. Individuals achieving this designation have demonstrated a competency not all of their peers will achieve. The RG designation illustrates a recent graduate's commitment to the field of dental technology and demonstrates their knowledge in all five specialty areas while they earn the experience necessary to become a CDT. The pride of earning a CDT or RG is personally rewarding and the CDT designation places the certificant among the group of individuals who are at the top of the dental technology profession. This group forms a basis for networking, professional recognition, friendships and life-long learning.

Although certification is costly and requires a sustained commitment, it has many benefits for dental technicians, laboratory owners and the dental customer. CDTs and RGs have not only demonstrated competency, but they have shown determination and commitment in completing the certification process. The attained skill and knowledge of the CDT is highly desirable to laboratories. Having this certification provides the dental technician with the advantage of higher salaries, advancement and job satisfaction.

This value is affirmed by statistics that show almost two-thirds of CDTs have held their certificate more than 10 years. Today's CDTs are dedicated individuals who believe strongly in improving themselves and their profession.

The extensive knowledge gained by the CDT and RG during the required continuing education process assures the laboratory owner, dental customer and the public that this individual is a true student of the profession with a solid commitment to remain at the cutting edge of his or her field.


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